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You really set the spotlight on something very true here kn7, and those who have been in the forums since i.e. Technote days, know what got the speed up to close the door there.

[b]But Peter,
why don't you answer the points about "bragging" that several members have made here, I think maybe Alec has a good point, because you totally ignore the subject stated out and just call people by names now.

That's good for you Bill, but e-mails find others inbox than yours too But speaking about making fuzz on forum, that was not so very long time ago since someone else really did that too, remember, and looking longer backwards......
To throw stones if inside in a glasshouse is not very wise I guess.

Anyway, I think most people clearly are able to see what's really going on, and I'll rest my case here.

Happy playing & posting

Surely you don't think I come to the Technics forum to get involved with debates on someone bragging. Some might want to be Judge and Jury, but I don't (better things to do)

Kind regards