People get stuck in their ways Bebop, it's as simple as that, to me it defies simple logic. Every musician is looking for a better sound, a nicer tone, etc etc.
I just can't believe that anyone can think they've found the ultimate sound in any keyboard, and lose the enthusiam to make better music.

This will make you laugh, it's the same sort of situation. I live in a cul-de-sac of mainly retired folk, none of whom like change, if the dustman calls on a different day it's the end of the world, no what I mean!

A couple of years ago our local cable company approached the entire village about installing cable to every house. In the cul-de-sac a meeting was held by the local retired policman who strongly recommended to all present that cable should not be installed, all of the residents in our cul-de-sac signed a patition expressing their disapproval, they'd always been with BT and didn't want anything to do with the new cable network service.

When I talked to some of my neighbours about the cable service none of them really new what it was all about and wait for it they didn't even want to know.

Two years later and now the dust has settled no less than 6 residents have signed up for the new cable service.

In my view It's a simple case of blinkered vision.

Enjoy your new keyboard Bebop, you'll love it!

Kind regards to all


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[This message has been edited by Peter Lowden (edited 10-05-2005).]