Ho folks

Maybe this is more a matter of "don't be so high on the horse and yell: Heeyy, see what I have done, go out and do the same everybody" sort of thing?
Maybe a more humble way, like "I'm very hopeful to the features of the new Tyros2 and decided to buy one to find out" would do better.

Myself, I'm still happy with my good old KN5000 and other stuff I have to play on and have fun with here, and even if I like to explore new things, it's not a big deal for me to be the very first to have anything at all.
Technics or not doesent matter, there will always be something new to replace the winner of today, Tyros2 will probably be this years hit, but next year, who knows? That's the way it is, it's the nature of evolution.

Have fun, and happy playing everybody.
Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)