Originally posted by Bob Hendershot:
Nigel, it seems to me that it's about time to lock this unfortunate thread, and we can get back to more pleasant and productive dialog.

I'm not sure that close the tread is any good solution. We had enough deleting members posts and closing treads in the past, and as most of us probably remember, we had some quite hot discussions regarding censorship etc. in the past.

Originally posted by Peter Lowden:
It's obvious that other keyboards will be mentioned here and I think you're right in time Yamaha will talked about as much as Technics if not more. My hope is that those that who only want to discuss Technics keyboards could just ignore, and not disrupt the threads about other keyboards.

Yes of course other keyboards have been and always will be discussed, compared to eachother etc. But as long as SZ already have both Yamaha and also the Gen.Arr. forums, it is maybe a idea not to make all the forums like a "lookalike mixture" of everything. When I enter the Ketron forum, I expect that it's Ketron that's about, not advertising or tell everybody to buy other keyboardbrand because I do so myself. If so, why not have everything on Gen.Arr. part of the SZ?

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