[QUOTE]Originally posted by Gunnar Jonny:
[B] so I don't think anyone would not say congrats, rather wait to do it until there is some reality before join the halleluhja choir.

Happy playing, whatever we play on.

Well it'a bit negative GJ, to only congratulate somebody on their new toy once it's been proved a massive winner.
Everyday we congratulate somebody because they've taken the plunge, but we don't know if it will work out, for instance:

When someone gets married we congratulate them, but they could be divorced in a year! nobody says i'll congratulate you both in 10 years once I know your marriage will work.

When somebody gets a new high class job we congratulate them now, not when they've held the job down for 5 years and they are a proved high flying executive.

Do you honestly believe GJ that those members who at the moment say "I couldn't care less what you've bought" might one day (if Tyros 2 proves to be a big winner) then offer their congratulations on a wise choice!!!

If you believe that you'll believe anything.

If the outcome is unknown I always say " Congratulations and good luck"

Kind regards