Originally posted by technicsplayer:
again, no answer to my direct questions, as usual, you have no answer because they are self evident by reading the thread, so resort to the old tactic of personal innuendo to cover the dearth of intellect in your replies.

The only disruption here is by those who seek to drive a wedge through the forum between so called “progressive” and “blinkered” “squirming in their own little ruts” people, when the fact that everyone will buy, play and enjoy whatever keyboard they enjoy is so obvious that it hardly needs saying.

Were those that did not change from 5000 to 6000, or 6000 to 7000 “squirming in their own little ruts” at the time? of course not… the whole thing is just plainly ludicrous.

In my experience it is the case that those who brag the most invariably have the least to brag about.

I imagine there was a time when your postings here were of a very informative nature, somehow I think you're being laughed at now by many for the quite childish ridiculous rantings that we read from you on a regular basis in your postings.

I hope you're pleased with yet another thread that you've totally ruined for everybody.