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"Shame on them for their behaviour



To speak disparagingly of technicsplayer is and should be an insult to ALL Technics members on the forum. He has contributed sooooooooo much over the years to players. His knowledge and generosity is and has been beyond reproach.

I have not visited the forum for over a year until recently but realized in the beginning what an ego Bebop has had. Bebop, you have been a contributor to this forum but I have felt ego was always behind whatever you did. To prove my point, you are trying to go out with a bang by pushing, pushing, pushing your new toy with the current posts.

The truth of the matter, Peter - you are just having fun degrading members and encouraging Bebop's ego. Neither of you have answered my post as to what you are looking for in the Tyros 2 that isn't already in the KNs. The fact is, you BOTH DON'T KNOW - only that it is NEW and want to be the first kid on the block to have one.

Just to correct you on one thing, I want to learn about the Tyros 2 I own Tyros 1 already. I've looked recently at Korg, Wersi, and Roland instruments, and I've never bought an instrument in the first 3 months of it's release.

Your view of Technicsplayer is not mine sorry
along with Johnnie C I wouldn't give either the time of day, their attitude on this forum is about as low as it comes.

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