I feel we should beyond Bebop buying a Tyros 2. This forum has been special to many, and I wish to give thanks to people like Nigel and Bebop that helped make it possible. But the fact is that Technics is now out of business, and there is no future KN8000. That is sad for the many that are on this forum, and those who look anxiously to the next model.

When I bought a Tyros part of me felt guilt ? Am I being disloyal? Am I jumping ship? None of the above, I love to discover, to learn and grow in my keyboard knowledge. Tyros did that for me, now I have it up for sale.
Do I feel any guilt about selling the Tyros? ---Naw! What's this guilt that I am talking about? To me, I feel that I am displaying how much this forum and the people who add mean to me. There is no guilt or loyalty feelings when I sold my first Tyros, and I have none selling my second Tyros.

It is not about keyboards, it's all about people and loss of something they love and enjoy. Life must go on and so must new keyboards --- have you noticed the excitement on the forum when a new model of Technics came out? it is no longer. Meanwhile the general Arranger forum is buzzing.

This is my home, and I will stay until it is my time to move on. Right now I own a KN7000 and I am using it for my coming jobs, it?s like an old precious friend.

Now if you think that Bebop did not have some of these feelings, think again. He is being real, and I guess he may be a little stronger about "looking the other way and moving on".

Please, Only My Humble Opinion, John C.

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