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Perhaps I'm stupid, but I kind of post about the shortcomings in the forlorn hope that perhaps Yamaha owners MIGHT see the benefit of the missing features, and perhaps join in...

I know, I know, it's a pretty slim hope, given how backwards you chaps bend to avoid any mention of something that could be improved, but what does one do? Capitulate to this absurdity?


If you are meeting with that much resistance, then isn't it obvious that it isn't working?

So, I'm guessing that you feel that if something isn't working all you need is a bigger hammer?

Yeah, that'll fix it.

Capitulation may be your best option, because the bigger hammer method is failing miserably.

On the positive side, I suppose, your "unique" posting style has probably sold more instruments for Yamaha than it has diverted to your favorite brand.

I don't work for the company anymore, so I really don't care about sales, but I suspect there are some who look in on this forum that would probably owe you some thanks for moving their product, if it hadn't been totally unintentional on your part.

So, it would be unfair to them if I suggested you remain silent.

So, to use a Cape Breton expression, " Givit to 'er by'e!

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