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And if you are SO swayed by advertising hyperbole that merely CALLING it a 'flagship' makes it worth comparing to an arranger $3000 more, you might need to consider your susceptibility to ad copy! Or, I have some property joining Brooklyn and Manhattan you might be interested in!

Never swayed by ad copy, but always entertained.

Besides, I'm only quoting Roland's hype...they seem to believe it is a flagship. I certainly do not.

It's not that the Roland bunch are, or are not, desperate for change...they actually don't really have much of a choice...it's MOTL or nuttin'!

Plus, I really was surprised by the lack of interest in the BK-9...I honestly thought there would be more posts about it, and, certainly, more SZ member reviews.

But, you seem happy with it, so, I guess it's not a total failure....AND, you can now say you have a paid up membership in the "lighter is better bunch".

If I buy anything, it will be a fully programmable synthesizer with an 88 note weighted hammer action keyboard. The Casio PX5S is a prime candidate...the price is very good and it is very lightweight (you finally understand how important that is), especially for an 88.

Of course, purchasing will depend on my needs next year, so, lots of time.

Meanwhile, it's fun watching from the bleachers this time around.

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