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I can understand if finances are involved these KBs arent cheap by any means.....but sometimes the Latest & Greatest gets the best of us and wheeling and dealing & juggling makes it happen even if its two years from now....off to a gig now.....keep the fun going!! wink

At the time, finances were very involved, but I was able to sell my house quickly, and some very kind people helped me through a rough spell until it did (you know who you are...thank you), and then I took the chance and invested in the Tyros4. Now that I'm on a fixed income, and on a self-imposed gigging sabbatical, it appears I made the right decision.
I'm in the process of working on some very interesting projects for next spring, and I'm pretty sure the Tyros4 will handle anything coming up.

At that time, my pension will also change for the better...more loot! Yippee!

If I do get another keyboard, again, depending on what develops, it will quite likely be a programmable synthesizer (I've been very interested in Casio's 88-note PX5S) to use in conjunction with the T4.

But, a Tyros5 is not in my plans, regardless.

You probably will go for the next PSR-S series? They seem to work best for you, and give you the best bang for the buck.

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