Hi arranger owners. I have been postponing a Tyros or other arranger purchases for over 3 years because I could never find an arranger that had the best of what is available piecemeal across the major brands, but am now closer than ever to ordering (even pre-ordering) the T5 now that 76 keys are available. One other thing that was a concern for me in the past about Tyros was the plasticky key quality. I never played a Tyros but saw a non-working Tyros in a Guitar Center and thought the keys felt toy-like. I had some trials with the Korg Pa3x 76 and really liked the key quality and drum sounds but also admire Yamaha articulated sound quality. Can you players please tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Tyros keys vs other arranger keys that seem more piano-like (what I'm more familiar with), Almost all demos I see of the T show it being used more like a piano than a synth so I wonder how comfortable it feels playing piano-style on these keys. P.S. Does anyone know if the Audya keys construction are more similar to the pa3x and, if they're different, how are they different? Thanks much. Like many of you, probably, I wish I could take the strengths of each manufacturer and put them together in the ultimate arranger. Thanks Hal
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