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And Ian... If Roland had put the G70's action in some TOTL $3500+ arranger, it would already be BETTER than the T5, not equivalent..! And, according to you, it doesn't NEED a touch screen. But if it did, again it would be BETTER.

Nothing mis-quoted...read and laugh like I did..."flagship"???? Talk about hype...too funny!


Probably, if you keep reading the BK-9 hype enough, you might even convince yourself that it's TOTL.

I'm certainly not comparing Roland's "flagship" BK-9 with the more powerful and better sounding TOTL Tyros models...I'm simply comparing it to the last ROLAND flagship. Duh!

Roland's last flagship, the G-70, had a large touchscreen and a fairly decent 76 note keyboard with aftertouch...now, their so-called "Flagship" (see above ad) has two less than ideal non-touch B&W (160 X 160 Pixels) screens, a lesser quality 76 note non-aftertouch keyboard, and the whole caboodle is a good indication of Roland's slide down the scale to only making MOTL (but calling them TOTL) arrangers.

Fran is far wiser than you...he is being realistic.

You aren't.

Quit while you're behind.


PS...I take Gary, Donny and Joe at their word regarding the PSR. They are respected professional musicians and entertainers, and in the business as long as, or longer, than you.
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