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But Ian... I'm pretty sure the action from my G70, which was pretty heavy just by itself, would mean a heavier case to support it, and then the BK's weight balloons. Which given how aging and weak the arranger playing demographic appears to be (strange how the aging WS playing demographic seems much stronger!), would seem to be the kiss of death to sales. Not to mention, the G70's action, being longer, means a bigger case there too.

Well, since Roland has now relented and finally covered the geriatric set, meaning the over 50, which includes you, perhaps a real G-70 replacement is in order...even if the BK-9 "ballooned" up to 30 lbs with the addition of the G-70's action (and perhaps screen as well), it still probably would only weigh as much as a PA3X 76 or a Tyros5-76 (approx 32 lbs), and we know most of Yamaha and Korg arranger buyers/users are over 50, and how successful these products are for their respective companies.

Personally, I think Roland dropped the high end arranger ball just when a real flagship model might have instilled more buyer confidence in the company.

As you say, it's a question of respect...so, do Roland consider their now top range backing keyboard customers either incapable of needing as good an action action that was highly loved (and constantly boasted about) by their G-70 playing brothers? Or, do they consider them so gullible that tossing them this excuse of a high end action won't be noticed?

Or do they simply rely on the rabid defensiveness of Roland users to refuse to make any honest criticism (top line with no aftertouch? Come on!) of their purchase to protect them from any comparison when making this decision?

Perhaps that is just one of the reasons behind the Italian Division being sacked. Probably not, but it was bound to have some kind of influence.

Another thing to consider...Roland appears to take the initiative and introduces a 76 note very light weight, relatively cheap arranger that has been moaned and cried for by some individuals on SZ, ever since G-70 was dropped, and yet, when the BK-9's release is posted, interest in the instrument barely raises a blip on the interest/buying scale compared to the overwhelming response given to Yamaha's Tyros5-76, which, strangely enough, is far more expensive and weighs considerably more.

Rather curious, eh?

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