As I said,'s too bad Roland didn't put the G-70's action in the add the touchscreen.

They'd be a whole lot closer to making another decent TOTL arranger, and definitely be in league with Tyros5-76 and PA3Xpro76, and with a lot more manageable weight...probably be only 30-35 lbs tops.

You'd then have a very competitive keyboard action, along with the touchscreen you guys love so much...a winner all around!

The BK-9 is a nice little board, but hardly a real successor to the great G-70, and as Diki says, it's only a MOTL not TOTL as the Roland hype implies.

I also believe the OP's question has been answered quite well, according to him...he's already pre-ordered a Tyros5-76.

Let's just be happy for Hal.

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