It's easy to stay devoted to a particular action when one hasn't got any option at all. Also, it's telling that those most 'devoted' to the PSR action admit they come to it from either an accordion background, or simply admit they can't play their way out of a paper bag!

If you look back, and try to count the number of different reviews of the PSR action here, you find that there are many, many people who have rated it very poor.

Gary, there is absolutely NOTHING in the action that has got anything whatsoever to do with triggering SA type voices. You can trigger them via MIDI from any external keyboard with no change whatsoever in how they work (with the obvious and unrelated exception of the SA trigger buttons, which are NOT the action itself). A keyboard sends but a few bits of information... How hard was the key hit, which key was it, when did you let it off, and what (if any) after touch did you apply during the note on.

ALL keyboards send the exact same information. Don't read anything more into Ian's misquoted ad copy.

And Ian... If Roland had put the G70's action in some TOTL $3500+ arranger, it would already be BETTER than the T5, not equivalent..! And, according to you, it doesn't NEED a touch screen. But if it did, again it would be BETTER.

About the only thing 'sad' about Roland not having a high end expensive Roland arranger at the moment is that poor Ian has to make his taunts about an arranger that costs at least $2500 less than what he currently uses, and can't bring himself to talk about comparing it to the only Yamaha arranger in its actual price range.

As you can see, it's driving him crazy!

And, as of yet, still not ONE explanation as to why Yamaha think their MOTL WS's need a decent action, but the arranger division doesn't. Crickets chirping on that one...

Better keep the focus on the BK-9, eh? LOL
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!