Other than no aftertouch (which I hardly use on my G70), this 'excuse' of an action is easily as good as the T5's, at nearly $3000 more, Ian.

Still far too few recognize that the BK-9 is the successor to the E60, NOT the G70. Number or Parts is the same, action quality is the same, price is about the same. A bit more to account for the ten faders missing from the E60. And the action on the E60 had no aftertouch either, along with the S950. Oh, and neither the S950 or the BK-9 have a touch screen.

Roland have yet to come out with a TOTL arranger, and given today's iffy market, probably not a bad idea. Personally, I don't need Ford to make a GT car just so they have 'credibility' for a family saloon..! If that family saloon is the best in class, who CARES if they make a supercar? LOL Likewise, if Roland don't yet feel it is the time to make a TOTL arranger, that has ZERO impact on whether the MOTL model is competitive or not.

You can get a BK-9 at only a couple of hundred bucks more than a PSR S950. THAT is its competition, and as such, the BK stacks up VERY well. 76 high quality action vs. a spongy BOTL 61. Audio loops that, well, loop! Punchy, live sounding drums without a proprietary system that covers less than 10% of the total ROM (and that you can easily edit). A Hammond to die for, a chord sequencer, some great new SA type sounds...

Shop around, you can get a BK-9 at LEAST $2000 less than a T5. The ONLY fair comparison to make with Yamaha is the S950. Now tell me how bad it is, Ian! You are going to have to actually include some real facts before you can get a rise out of me, Ian!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!