It's the flagship, for sure. But pricewise and featurewise, it is still a MOTL arranger. If you have no TOTL, the MOTL becomes the flagship... BTW, notice that I mentioned the lack of aftertouch (speed reading again?)?

Not strange at all, Ian, BTW about the Yamaha feeding frenzy. Yamaha users always seem to lose their minds when anything new comes out, the rest aren't so desperate to change... LOL

Compare apples to apples, the BK-9 is a very competitive product at its price point. If you want to elevate it to be the T5's competition, well, you MIGHT consider that nearly $3000 less entitles it to missing a few features!

And if you are SO swayed by advertising hyperbole that merely CALLING it a 'flagship' makes it worth comparing to an arranger $3000 more, you might need to consider your susceptibility to ad copy! Or, I have some property joining Brooklyn and Manhattan you might be interested in!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!