Given today's iffy market? That certainly hasn't seemed to affect Yamaha and Korg...they are quite happy developing and regularly churning out great selling TOTL models, and Korg is allegedly a smaller company than Roland.

And please, no comparison to the Tyros FSX Diki...the BK-9 has no aftertouch, a very serious omission considering Roland calls it "the new flagship instrument in the acclaimed BK series"

Seems to be short of at least one major flag.

Nice try, anyway.

And I really do find it strange, that with all the posted alleged need for a very lightweight, cheap, 76-note arranger, the amount of BK-9 interest was rather lame (despite your promotional efforts)...and yet, the introduction of an instrument with a much higher price and more weight sets off the forum like crazy.

As I said, strange eh?

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