I haven't seen a BK-9 in the flesh...local store isn't planning on bringing one in...even up on the mainland there is no such animal as yet at least.

I hope it doesn't become another Yeti in the stores here like the G-70...well, I did have a chance to play the G-70 for a few weeks several years ago.

Very nice...that's why I thought the BK-9 could benefit from it's action...it was pretty darn good...I can see why you and Fran like it.

The G-70's Touchscreen wasn't my cup of tea, but I probably could get used to it...same as the pitch bend/mod paddle (or lever) a bit similar to what was on the Jupiter 8 I owned at the time.

But, thankfully my Tyros4 and the new Tyros5 don't use either.

And, even more thankfully, the OP, Hal was able to make a decision regarding the Tyros5.

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