Find a quote, Ian... I have NEVER made a big deal of aftertouch (than to publicly berate Roland for dropping the advanced aftertouch options they used to have on the G1000).

Wait until you actually get to play a BK-9 before you try to make a comparison, Ian. Short of the aftertouch, it is at LEAST as good and responsive. NO, I haven't played a T5. But I HAVE played the latest Motif's which have the identical action. And there isn't a jot of difference in the FEEL of the action.

Personally, having to pay $2500 more than a Roland owner to get an action only as good (feeling) would tick me off, not have me crowing about it.

But keep it up, Ian. I don't get as easy a laugh from most people, who will at least let reality creep in to their posts eventually.

Enjoy your 'superior' arranger, Ian. You paid a good $2500 extra to feel that way...
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!