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For all the fuss made about aftertouch, I find I hardly ever use it. I find that programming a delayed vibrato into the voice itself works well, and then I don't have the accidental triggering of it by generally strong playing (my LH is basically as strong as my RH).

I'm glad the BK-9's action suits you, but until it gets aftertouch, it's still can ONLY be a reasonably nice MOTL action.

And, please no lame excuses about no aftertouch...you have to say that because you don't have it on the BK-9...if it had aftertouch you'd be hooting about it like an old owl.

You made a HUGE fuss about it being on your G-70, and now, all of a sudden it's not important?

Gimme a break.

Then again, if they did decide to put aftertouch on the BK-9's cheaper action, it probably would get triggered accidentally.

Never have that problem with the luxurious and highly responsive FSX...a real pleasure to play, it is.

Not too shabby at all.

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