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Thanks Gary and Ian. In answer to your question, I just now pre-ordered the Tyros 5 76 version. I've been putting off an arranger purchase for over 3 years, always putting it off waiting for the next model of Yammy, Korg, Audya, Roland to come out, and then ending up with no arranger cause I couldn't make up my mind for sure. I hope I'll be happy with the new Tyros. By the way, what does OP stand for? I expect to check out this forum more often now. Thanks, Hal

HaHa! You sound a lot like me in waffling over the next big buy. I missed the boat on the Pa3X thinking that I'd hold on as the Pa900 was on the horizon. That didn't quite do it for me, and now it won't be too long before a Pa4X comes along. I must be some sort of masochist. confused2 smile