Bill... The action that almost everybody first learns on and plays is the piano. And the number of THOSE in the hands of non-pro players FAR outnumbers those in pro hands. And a better built action is hard to find! So, if you think about it, MOST keyboard players started out at least on something better than what they are likely on now...

Thing is, you are hard pressed to find ANY keyboard short of the cheapest 'toy' bracket arrangers and play keyboards with as bad an action as the PSR S950. Yamaha's workstations have a MUCH better one, at a MUCH lower price. In fact, I cannot honestly think of a single keyboard out there within $1000 of the S950's price with even as bad a one. Other than the cheaper PSR's, of course.

Look at it this way... were the S950's action as good as the more dedicated Yamaha apologists would have you believe, how do you explain that Yamaha don't inflict (whoops! I meant 'use') it on any other type of keyboard they make..?

Perhaps on their other lines, they think that there aren't enough cheerleaders to allow them to get away with such an obvious cheapskate move solely in the name of profit?

And Gary... the 'buttons' reference was to the SA trigger buttons, NOT the action at all. Having disassembled many actions in my time, basically most of them use the same contact strip method. Nothing different there.

And Ian... there's only ONE person here making any noise about the BK-9 being a 'flagship'. From it's first announcement, I have repeatedly said the BK-9 is a MOTL offering, and have no more interest in Roland's advertising hype as you do. Less, apparently, given your apparent insistence on bringing it up all the time when you don't want the embarrassment of having it compared to the S950, which IS its Yamaha equivalent.

As you may have gleaned from my posts about it, despite being a good $1500 less than the G70, I have found this arranger so far advanced over the G70 that it is becoming my goto keyboard for solo and duo stuff. So, there you have it. $1500 less, 25 lbs lighter, and BETTER than the old flagship.

If only Yamaha came out with something like that!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!