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The answer is simple, arrangers have always been designed primarily for the home market (Pro users are miniscule in comparison) who just want to sit down and play, and so are not familiar with pro keyboards and their actions.
Better keybeds donít sell keyboards in the home market only features, sounds, styles, easy play (Press a button and everything is done for you) and price, so there is no point in the manufacture spending extra on them.


You could be right, Billy...I have always maintained that arrangers (keyboards with auto-accompaniment) were firstmost designed to be "home keyboards", like, for example, my Tyros4, the PA3X, the Audya, the BK-9 (& G-70), and, of course, your little Abacus.

Initially designed, as you say, for home players, who, also as you say, "just want to sit down and play", it turns out that some "pros" (you know, those people who play for profit) are clever enough to find a perfect use for them on stage and/or in the nite-clubs (as well as Nursing Homes and Assisted Living centers).

Nothing wrong with that, as they say (whoever "they" are?).

Since my recent retirement from Yamaha, and my self-imposed gig sabbatical (until early next year), I've become one of dem dere "home players" meself!

And, I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Yamaha Tyros4, Yamaha MS-60S Powered Monitors(2), Yamaha CS-01, Yamaha TQ-5, Yamaha PSR-S775.