Learning an operating system is learning an operating system. Understanding how your instrument works and how to get the best out of it is the same practical learning curve you have to go through whether its a korg , roland kurzweil or yamaha. There are people on the motifator forum who used to use the Fantom who cant get their head around the XS operating system and it kills their workflow. The same is true on the fantomised forum from people who have switched from another manufacturers instrument to the fantom.

Once you have learned how your keyboard works , you can develeop your own workflow that can get the job done efficiently. I accept that a keyboard like the tyros 1,2,or 3 might have serious challenges in terms of sequencing from scratch a musical composition because the target group this instrument is aimed at might never ever produce an original piece of music but that is not the case with the PA series. It comes from the triton workstation stable and not just in terms of its sonic qualities.

You cant compare building a house with tools that are blatantly inadequate for building a house. Making music is the house (all kinds of music) in this example and if you cant do that using a keyboard be it an arranger keyboard like the tyros or the pa series then you cant make music period. How you get there is just a matter of preference . All i am saying is that arrangers like the PA series facilitate music production using workflows that traditional workstations in comparisson struggle to do but the PA can work in the traditional linear sequencing method with more than adequate sampling and editing facilities just as readily.