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I suspect the next S-series will be a smaller version of the Tyros3...much like PSR-3000 and S900 were of the T1 and T2 respectively.

It is targeted at those who want some Tyros sounds and features, at a lesser price...and because it is, I don't see them adding anything other than some of what's in the T3.

Besides, $1700 or thereabouts, is a lot more than most younger buyers can afford.

Something under a grand would be more likely to appeal...something on the order of a new type DJX would be perfect, and who knows, something of that order could be in the works.

Roland has to pull up their socks and get with the program before they can compete at all...nothing in their arrangers remotely comparable to SA voices, let alone SA2, and nothing like mega voices either....even Korg's DNC is far ahead of them.

I think Roland has lost the edge it had years ago with the G and E-series....their sounds are still okay, but far from leading edge like they used to be...they'll just have to get used to the snickers from Korg and Yammmie owners for now, I guess.

I do know my S900 sounds so good, and is such a blast to play, that even I am jealous of me.


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Ian, Ian, Ian.....Of course Yamaha has "some " great sounds..but you are hand picking a select "few".....We Roland "fans" can do the same with our G70's...as an example, pianos, scat/vocals, Drums, and any expansion board sound....totally are superior to Yamaha and Korg...

"Snickers"..believe me, if there is any snickering..it is coming from the Roland G70 users...you know ..the guys that really know the score, when it comes to all around quality, sounds, editing, and tools for the "pro" user..

I would be just as content with keeping what I have....and watch the other 's {Yamaha, Korg etc}, try to convince their users, that they have the superior instruments.....they DO NOT!!!..

What most folks are not aware of...are the features that make playing , editing , sequencing, ( still the best on board sequencer)..a great go to piano, a great drawbar organ, a great vocal harmonizer.....these are things ...collectively...the other's have not obtained...yet..

Take a realistic look at what is available, before you think Roland has any catching up to do...I think Roland is also "snickering"...