Any one of them could do it Ian. Someone just has to take the step and DO IT. Yamaha took a shot and was hugely successful with it as you and I both know the DJX tickled a lot of toes

I think YAMAHA should be the one to step up and do it AGAIN. They had great success with it before.., but I'll say that when I was in retail.., I got whispers from reps that the DJX line in the US did cut into sales of the upper gear (more than expected really)

Let me ask you something Ian... I've played the S-900 numerous times (sounds freakin great too).., but there's one section I never really looked at with the S-900. I know you can do basic patch editing with the S-900.., but will the S-900 allow you to do basic editing with the drum kits? Can you go into a preset.., and adjust the level, tuning, and panning of the individual parts of a kit on the S-900..?
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