Ian I HAVE SAID THAT IN PREVIOUS POSTS. It's not just Yamaha. IT'S ALL THE KEYBOARD MAKERS. They ALL milk the older generation.

Ian..., the biggest problem I see (especially on this forum) is arranger players who seem to think that the tools on a workstation are far less valuable to the player as you'd find on an arranger..., and that's not the case.

Workstations have arps and patterns. Those acoustic style arps on the workstations take just as much IF NOT more work to prodcude than the styles found on an arranger. Producing GOOD sounding patters on a workstation isn't easy either.

What I am saying Ian is when you look at the core..., the S-900 to the budget arranger player is EXACTLY what the Juno-G is to the budget workstation player. People so often on this forum degrade the tools on the workstation and their importance as "beneath" that of the tools on an arranger. No one is more important than the other. Both cater to the budget line and ARE on the same line for the budget player. One however..., offers just as much if not more and IS more pro orientated.., but does it FOR MUCH LESS! People talk about Chord recognition like it's the mother of all things. Synths have been chord based with their arps for YEARS...., and now are functioning more like an arranger (which is exactly what Yamaha was getting at with the new Motif XS)

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