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Yet the Juno-G can be had for less than $1,000 while the plastic PSR-S900 sells for $1,700!


Firstly, we are focusing and beating up on Yamaha, but it is quite clear that Roland's arrangers are doing the same thing...so let's be fair, please.

Yes, the Juno is cheaper than the E-50 or S900, but it isn't an arranger..it can't do what the S900, or Roland E-50 can do, which is let you sit down and play with a full backing band in real time, and following your chord changes.

That's what you pay for when you get an arranger...that's what is "extra".

You are comparing apples and oranges...maybe the line has blurred with arps and drum pattern, but the arranger still has a big edge when played as I described above.

The S-series is mini Tyros2 for less than half the price...a bargain, and everyone is aware of that fact.

Compare workstations against workstations...arrangers are still in another league, at least for now.

And, I think they are priced fairly for what they do...certainly they are priced competitively against other arrangers.
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