Ian.., when I demo I get a lot of 20 something's asking about the upper end arrangers. These are younger players that often already have an upper end workstation..., but want a pro arranger too.

I got a guy to buy a Tyros 2 before the 3 was released. He had a Motif XS.., but wanted an arranger and wouldn't accept anything in the mid or low range. He ended up buying a Tyros 2.., but returned it within a week. I'll use his words exactly "I'll never waste that much money on a plastic keyboard again". He said he expected more in that price range considering how much it cost compared to his Motif XS. He said it sounded amazing.., but he couldn't accept the quality of it compared to his workstation. He's a heavy gigger and was worried about the T3 holding up on the road. I told him there were a lot of pros giggin with it.., and even suggested he visit the Zone.., but he wasn't intereseted.
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