Yes..., there really is one. Sadly many of the youth are going for the workstations based on price alone compared to arrangers. I've seen this guys vids before and he's pretty good. He's playing a top end Yamaha Motif XS6. A well built pro workstation with amazing sound quality. If he wanted to go the arranger route with Yamaha and not sacrafice major differences in build quality his only option is the Tyros 3 (even though the Tyros line isn't even built to the level of the XS) and look at the price difference between the Tyros 3 and this Motif XS6. Tyros 3 is nice.., but doesn't hold a candle IMO to the XS line. Sonically the XS IMO is stronger..., but the pro arranger equiv for this in the Yamaha arena cost damn near $4000. Hell it costs more than the full 88 weighted key version of what this kids playing!

Loranzoellis also did a smooth and catchy one using the Motif XS too. Been a while since I've seen Loranzoellis's vids. Thanks for posting them too

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