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The perfect arranger will never exist. That's because everyone has their own, special needs, or wants, and no manufacturer could possibly accommodate everyone and manage to stay in business. If the particular function, voice, style, etc.. that you require is not featured with the T3, you'll either have to find a work-around or just don't buy it.


It COULD exist if the manufacturers wanted it to ... They could make a basic board with certain features the MAJORITY of arranger players would want, and then have the buyer select from a menu of features such as VH, sequencer, sampler, mp3 capability etc., and it could be priced accordingly - you WANT/NEED more, you PAY more - ... they could probably even design the 'footprint' to accommodate 76 or 61 keys ...
Ahhh, if I only had my youth and some of YOUR money ... ...

PS - the "YOUR" refers to any of you ...
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