This is just silly Diki. I just gave an explanation for the business reasons yamaha dont see the sense in making a 76 key arranger. Ian works for the company (at an arms length ) and understands exactly the very clear business reasons yamaha dont want a small peice of the very small 76 key market arranger pie. Just let it go . You have roland to turn to, ketron to turn to and korg if you insist on a 76 key arranger. If yamaha see enough customers leave in their droves to snap up 76 key arrangers instead of the very successful 61 key version they will reconsider their strategy i have no doubt. Yamaha will not cut off their nose to spite their face !!

But right now yamaha have the most successful line of arranger keyboard in the market and have done so ever since i can remember and they have always been 61 key versions. They are evidence that they are doing something very right and the proof is that their customers year after year by their products in numbers bigger than their competitors and i dare say yamaha are making a lot of money from all these transactions. They no what they do well and continue to do it. Anyone that has ever run a business knows that you dont mess with a winning formula.