To be honest, whether it is criticism or glowing praise, I see no difference here at SZ. We ALL like the sound of our own voices

Just a quick question... Is your faith in the infallibility of large successful corporations exclusive to Yamaha, or is ANY corporation at the top of the heap ALWAYS right? Is market dominance the bellwether of success, or is there any other criteria? Like corporate responsibility, customer responsiveness, corporate citizenship?

Because, in that case, Halliburton must be the paragons of virtue, Enron the sacrificial lambs of critics like myself. If success is the ONLY thing, why even bring out a T3? The T2 is still the market leader, without a single flaw (that anyone should care about). The PSR S900 is the market leader. It MUST therefore be perfect. No competition (how DARE we imply that the market leader could possibly even HAVE competition?) means no need for improvement. Whatever YOU think imperfect, Ian (for instance, the angle of the screen) should NOT be corrected, for fear of messing with perfection. So, why an S990? Why screw with perfection?

Being market leader means NOTHING more than being market leader. If mediocre products dominate the market, then mediocrity MUST be the best thing. It only stands to reason...

No offense, guys, but I prefer my arranger with ALL it's flaws to your 'perfection'. And so do enough people to keep two other major corporations and several small businesses afloat. Or maybe that 'perfection' is simply in your minds? Personally, I think anyone today THAT uncritical of ANY large corporation partially responsible for the mess we are currently in. Abrogate criticism, and you see what they do with it... More expensive products, made as cheap as Indonesian and Chinese slave labor can make them sold to cattle with ZERO impact on the decisions of how to make them... While the new 'royalty' of corporate officers glide gently to ground on their golden parachutes while the stockholders wonder where the dividends went, as the market dwindles due to to lack of responsiveness.

Moooooo! Baaaaaa! This way to the abattoir....
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!