Originally posted by spalding:
If they do the following they will get my money

1. Put in a genuine sampler
2. A genuine sequencer
3. deep editing functions for both internal sounds and audio recording onboard the keyboard

But i appreciate that i am probably in the minority for these features.

Yes you are in the minority I would think.

If you want a genuine sampler, take your laptop with you.
If you want a genuine sequencer, take your laptop with you.
If you want deep editing function, take your laptop with you.

All of these functions are already available on your computer. And until they make a keyboard with a fifteen inch screen, a alphabetic keyboard, and a mouse, a computer is by far the best way to do all three of these things.

As for me, I want the T3 to have great drum, piano and bass samples and better MIDI integration with other modules. That would be enough for me to shell out whatever it costs.


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