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..... If Yamaha made the next Tyros with 76 keys, with it being 4 inches than the T2 2 LBS than the T2 and the most $100 than the T2, would the persons who would buy a 61 key Tyros say they would not buy that new Tyros for the only reason that it has 76 keys and they hate 76 keys?

Nah, they would not.
They who don't buy, are probably happy with the keyboard already
bought and are very pleased with 61 keys.
Then we have the customers who don't buy Yamaha anyway......

Myself I will stay away as long as it sounds like you're playing
a studiomixed CD on the stereo as soon as you hit a chord.

Ketron and Korg sure make thigs sound great, Roland are close, so
if Yamaha manage to get it sound more "live" and not as cold as
now, I'll certainly take a closer look at it.

Happy Playing
Cheers 🥂
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