I do think the anger on the Zone over the last several weeks has subsided to a large degree and that is a good thing of course. Objective opinions are always welcome in my book but we have to remind ourselves to do it in a respectful manner. I have to catch myself once in a while to not get so riled up when some of the topics start to flair up. A lot of them I won't reply to but even the ones I do I have to try and be careful not to be inflammatory or step on any toes. I don't always succeed and it might have something to do with the German blood in me I don't know. On the other hand it might be the Scottish blood in me as well.

I myself like to talk about up and coming products, especially the high-end arranger kind. I think the buzz surrounding a new product coming to market is one of the things manufacturers rely on to generate excitement in the product(s) and with the excitement comes the possibility of more sales and consequently will have a better chance to turn a substantial profit for them. Of course it will only do so if the hype turns into reality but the buzz is what starts things in motion regardless of the products eventual outcome.

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