Good Lord! Been away from here for a couple weeks and a monster post appeared. From the title I figured something new and exciting was being covered in depth. Then, after three pages of scanning, it's the same old--same old.

For everyone that must have more than 61 keys under their fingers while performing, but something from someone else. Don't bitch about something you have absolutely no control over--it's a waste of bandwidth.

If you don't enjoy those Yamaha styles and voices, BUY SOMETHING ELSE! Yamaha produces and sells more keyboards than all the others combined for a reason--they did the research, then produced a product that sells. It's not rocket science. Sure, they read this forum, and I'm confident they evaluate everything that is posted, then put things in perspective. Pro entertainers make up a very small portion of this forum, probably less than 10 percent. However, the percentage of pro entertainers that purchase their keyboards are likely less than 1/10 of 1-percent--yep that's the market they're going to targe--NOT! If you like what you read and hear, buy that Yammie, learn how to effectively use the operating system, and as Don Mason always says, "You too can make hundreds of dollars being an entertainer."

As for the Motion Sound speakers, well I own the KP100, have upgraded the speakers, and beyond any shadow of a doubt it's the WORST sound system I've ever owned. I forgot who made the post pertaining to them, Chaz or Diki, but you can take it to the bank. IMO, they're overpriced, have no bottom end, no top end, and the only reason I have the KP100 is for a backup--just in case my Bose L1 fails.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program!


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