Sorry, guys, but the idea that Yamaha make no 76 arrangers because they are worried about scavenging their own 76 workstation sales is ludicrous...

WS players play WSs, and arranger players play arrangers. The cross pollination is negligible. Few WS users even LOOK at an arranger (even if they can find one!), and few arranger players want a WS (no auto accompaniment, or at least, not in the arranger sense of the word).

No... the only sales a 76 T3 or PSR would scavenge would be Roland or Korg or Ketron 76 sales. Which I am amazed they are not interested in.

Yamaha's own CVP series (which at least PROVES that Yamaha know there are players that need more than 61 notes) are much more expensive, heavier and underpowered compared to even a PSR S900, and basically address a totally different market than the T2/S900 - in fact, the VERY market that Ian claims is the PSR's own - the REAL 'home' user, that requires NO portability, but needs 88 keys for the kids to learn to play properly on, and lets Mom or Pop trot out a few of their favorite tunes in front of the fire.

Rather than the T2 and PSR, which are designed for portability, and contain most of the true 'pro' features like Music Finders, MP3 playback, and flexibility FAR in excess of what that poor 'home' user could possibly ever want. No, so called 'expert' opinion to the contrary, the PSR S900 and T2 ARE Yamaha's 'pro' arrangers, but fail at the incredibly simple task of offering note number choice... something that EVERY other arranger maker acknowledges as necessary to a 'pro' line.

But, hey! What do WE know? We just PLAY the bloody things, and pay for them with our hard earned money. How should WE be able to understand what we need..? Yamaha know FAR better than us what we need, and we should be thanking them for making our playing decisions SO much easier. Obviously, if I can play piano, I should NEVER buy a Yamaha. Thanks for that little known information, Yamaha, otherwise I might have gone on wanting to fill MY needs, and where is the profit in providing customers what they want..?

Just keep letting those obvious idiots at Roland/Ketron/Korg/MS feed my delusions...
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!