If this T3 is going to be very innovative (most likely with only revamping sounds and styles,) if it were 76 keys are people saying that they would not buy it because it is 76 keys?

Lets face it, in this thread, no one has presented a real argument as to why Yamaha does not have a 76 key arranger.

It always amazes me when some one says they want a certain basic technology on an arranger (sequencer, sampler, mp3 player,) when some one jumps up and says, GET A LAPTOP.

The point of an arranger is to have all of your keyboard needs in one place and not to have to deal with integrating different technologies and products yourself.
Why would some one spend $4000 on an arranger then have to get a laptop and have to buy a sequencer, sampler programs for the laptop then have to try to integrate laptop and keyboard set it up and use it on a live gig. That is why they want it all in one box. What people are asking for is some of the really basic features that any keyboard should have. A keyboard is supposed to take care of a personís musical needs.

A full functioning sequencer is a given on all the other TOTL arrangers from other companies.

Boycotting Yamaha? If that is what Yamaha and others on this forum are telling people to do, maybe that is the next step that must be taken if Yamaha is not willing to listen to their customers.