I work soley on the keyboard. My inspiration happens when i least expect it and often when i am jamming with real musicians/singers or shortly after a session. I know that i am different to many if not most of the users here . None of the pro musicians i jam with use lap tops in a live setting with their hardware. Perhaps we are behind the times...

Having an all in one keyboard is what i want because my musicallity and creativity are linked to the instrument i play. The ideas i get need to be transfered directly to the instrument i play. For me the interface that transfers my music ideas is the keyboard itself. So it is natural for me to want all my music making tools to come from my keyboard. Its immediate and there is no filter/delay between what i imagine and what i create.

This concept is well established in workstations like the yamaha XS roland fantom X Korg M3. All of which are taking on to some degree arranger functions i might add !

Thats why yamahas T2 did not get my money last time. And more than likely it wont get my money this time. They teased me (yes me personaly :-)) with a sampler that was not quite a sampler, a sequencer that was not quite a sequencer,minimal onboard sound editing and it was the only reason i went with the Korg PA1X because it ticked all the boxes. Trust me once you have dug into a keyboard like that you would understand what i mean about that flow of creativity not being interupted and the convenience of having all the tools to your hands immediately no matter where you are.