Don't know if this are posted already, but at a dealers website here
in Norway following news are to read.
I'll translate the best I can, so pardon me if any fault grammar.


Yamaha Tyros 3 will arrive this autum 2008.

This week we could hear and see from Yamaha that Tyros 3 most truly will be delivered in
October 2008. (This country I guess)

It should not be named Tyros, 'cause this is an unbelievable highly improved keyboard.
Tyros 3 has many new styles and have much better sounds called SUPER ARTICULATION 2.
This sounds very good.
Sorry that we can't show any pictures yet, but if you can imagine the Tyros 2 inside the
body of a big Yamaha PSR900. (Whatever that means?)
It have a big colour screen who are motorized so you can run the screen up and down.
The price for the item will most likely be around the Tyros 2 price, but we're not quite
sure yet.
More new update as soon as we know any more.

Quote end.

They (shop) also mention that the take reservation (booking order) for delivery this autumn.

Thought it would be for any interest for some of you Tyros adicted guys out there

Happy Playing & posting, and not to forget, HAPPY EASTER as well!


Btw, the addins in (bla bla) is my personal remarks.

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