So other than one manufacturer saying that the market wants 61 keys more than 76 keys, there is no “official” or “real” or “actual” proof or evidence to validate that claim.

Yamaha refuses to listen to its customers and make a 76 TOTL arranger. To support their refusal to carry out the wishes of their customers, they say 76 key Yamaha TOTL arrangers don’t sell that well. And they further state that 61 key TOTL Yamaha arrangers sell better than 76 key Yamaha arrangers.

That argument is just completely wrong and ridiculous. Because Yamaha has nothing to compare. Since they only have a 61 TOTL arranger, then what ever sales they have would only reflect for a 61 key arranger. Also, they can not compare 61 key TOT Yamaha arranger with a TOTL 76 key Yamaha arranger because they do not make a TOTL 76 key arranger.

Thank goodness for other brands that listen to their customers.