Yes I am also debating! I hope my post did not come across as arguing.

I for the most part agree with every thing you said. Especially the part where you discussed that Yamaha has different keyboard divisions. That only goes to underscore my point that it is not the fact that a 76 key Yamaha TOTL arranger would not sell but it would do so at the expense of some of Yamaha’s other interest. Naturally, Yamaha is going to look for their best interest first.

However, I do not see if Yamaha made the T3 with 76 keys; no 61 or 88, that they would loose in the arranger sales of any of their other divisions.

Does any one really believe that if the T3 were to be 76 keys, has the wonderful sounds and styles, the same OS, light-weight, around the same size and price of the T2 that persons would not get it for the only reason that it has 76 keys and not 61? Would it be that damaging to the xs sales for the only reason that it is 76 keys and not 61?
The same analysis goes for Korg and Roland.

That is why I believe that Ketron and Lionstrack are in the best position to really take the arranger market to a different level because they have no competing interest with in their company.