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Gee Chas...that's why I like the Yamaha sound(and why I work for them)...a finished sound is ....er...finished.

I'd rather have a candy apple paint job than grey primer.

But...to each his own.


PS...Did you get a set of speakers for your C1? I haven't had a chance to try the Nord yet...health issues put that on hold for a bit....may get to try one next week.

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Like I said, Ian, it's just a matter of personal preference. It's sorta' like, if you use an arranger on a gig, the people know it's not you playing; if you use a Yamaha arranger, they REALLY KNOW it's not you.

On the speaker thing, I'm still sort of holding out to see what that new Roland SA1000 sounds like with the Nord. It's supposed to be optimized for organ, whatever that means. My next inclination is to go EV (SX300, I think) unpowered, coupled with the Mackie 808S I already have. I also have a Traynor K4 gathering dust. Not a bad amp, just not right for me. Motion Sound just sounds too darn expensive (and heavy) although it would probably give me the sound I'm looking for. I just want to close my eyes hear a classic B3 w/Leslie 122. BUT, I don't want a speaker system that totally does away with the great weight advantage of the C1. Oh well, the search continues. I've been hoping for feedback from Capt. Russ but I think he's having too much fun just playing the thing . BTW, in the latest Keyboard magazine, the Nord C1 got a nice shout-out from Rickey Peterson, probably the best of the studio organists. Although he uses a real B3 on stage, he says he's 'digging' the C1.

Sounds like your recovery is progressing nicely. I'm very glad to hear that. Yamaha needs all the defenders it can get .


BTW, in this neck of the woods (deep south), grey primer is perfectly acceptable (it's better, of course, if you only do one fender). Now, let'w see. Ol' Fart + Candy Apple Green convertible....ehhh, I'll pass.
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