Actually, Gary, I have a Pro 3T, and it is one of the best buys I ever made. Why lug around a whole Leslie, when all you need is the rotor on top to give it the realism, especially on the high drawbars?

As to the Yamaha 'sound' and the idiotic notion that, just because they dominate sales (mostly amongst 'home' users, who care little for such things as sound and realism), ALL their decisions MUST, by inference be correct ...

Any corporation that gets it's head so far stuck up it's ar$e that it completely ignores the need of a significant (let's face it, if you couldn't make a profit on a 76, NO-ONE would make them!) portion of it's target customer, and lets them migrate to another brand, where they will probably stay, has a marketing plan that spells disaster. History is rife with has-beens that thought that they knew EXACTLY what the customer wanted, long after the screams for change had died down.

Ignoring the 'pros' and their needs forces many that WOULD have bought a Yamaha product to buy something else. And, let us not forget, a large percentage of first time buyers go out and buy what they see 'pro' and talented amateur players using, and most of those they see in restaurants and clubs, churches and social groups. By ignoring the needs of these more advanced players, they lose valuable advertising and word of mouth.

Many players buy an arranger to recreate the sound of playing in a live band. They DON'T want to sound like they are playing on top of a record (they can already do that at home), they want to sound like they are playing with a BAND... Not one of Yamaha's strengths, either.

But don't worry... I am sure there are a few ex-IBM users STILL re-living their glory days... Ignore your customers WANTS (there are so many who post here with the need for a Yamaha 76 that it COMPLETELY refutes your assertion of how small the numbers must be), and you are eventually destined for the scrap heap.

The truth is, Yamaha is COMPLETELY oblivious to ANY customer requests, whether they be something YOU agree with or not... Otherwise, tell me of the things YOU want improved that they have gotten around to. No?

Didn't think so, either....
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!