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Like I said, Ian, it's just a matter of personal preference. It's sorta' like, if you use an arranger on a gig, the people know it's not you playing; if you use a Yamaha arranger, they REALLY KNOW it's not you.

On the speaker thing, I'm still sort of holding out to see what that new Roland SA1000 sounds like with the Nord. It's supposed to be optimized for organ, whatever that means. I also have a Traynor K4 gathering dust. Not a bad amp, just not right for me. Motion Sound just sounds too darn expensive (and heavy) although it would probably give me the sound I'm looking for. I just want to close my eyes hear a classic B3 w/Leslie 122. BUT, I don't want a speaker system that totally does away with the great weight advantage of the C1.
Sounds like your recovery is progressing nicely. I'm very glad to hear that. Yamaha needs all the defenders it can get .


BTW, in this neck of the woods (deep south), grey primer is perfectly acceptable (it's better, of course, if you only do one fender). Now, let'w see. Ol' Fart + Candy Apple Green convertible....ehhh, I'll pass.

Yep, I hear ya, although a lot of what comes out of the arranger depends on the player, and having a great speaker system.

I manage to make the S900 sound a bit more "live" by editing styles and careful use of effects...I like the clean sound of the Yamaha.

The Motion Sound Pro-145 is nice...lots of oomph, but "hard" sounding...not very woody like a 122, although it does move air rather neatly.

The Traynor K4 is LOUD, but still "hard" and also a bit to heavy and doesn't project stereo very well...it does make a fair combo keyboard on-stage monitor, but I found it sub standard for an arranger.

On my trip next week, the store I'll be working in has two Nord C1's in rental...I'll be there on a Thursday, so hopefully one will be available to try...they also have a Roland SA-1000 on the floor, so I'll get to try them together(hopefully).

Physically, I'm doing well...going back to my martial arts in a few weeks and doing a solo gig in May...a Mother's Day gig at a posh restaurant.


PS... No candy apple convertible for me either...I drive a 14 year old Honda Accord EX-R...not the ideal cool vehicle, but it's in nearly mint shape, has a sunroof and hauls the gear just fine.

Substance over style.
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