I HAVE played in amphitheaters and major venues and have worked with major sound companies such as Clair Bros in those venues I can assure you it sounded great in mono.

As for my home system the SPL is not loud enough for the imaging to become muddy with reflections. I prefer the spaciousness of stereo when I am stationary and focused on the source. But I control every aspect of what I hear therefore I do not understand how you can even compare a home situation with a venue, That reeks of the assumption of an amature view,

Science aside, people sitting in a club 25 feet away from one speaker and 50 feet from another are not getting the best possible sound no matter how spacious it "appears" Frequencies arriving together is the most pleasing way to hear any sound source. Yes it is indeed "sour" and not just "slightly less good" IF that were the case major venues would be using stereo mixes rather than mono.

Quad sound is even more spacious but that tightened up the ideal listening area even more and failed. At home one can CONTROL the balance and the sound. Not so in a venue where the artist decided what the audience will hear in many case not the patrons best interest.

Those siting in one area think it sounds great, Some sitting in another area are missing program information (but hey it sounds "spacious") Yet others are sitting in the hot spots and being blown out. I don't know about you but I want control over what EVERYONE hears and prefer they all hear the SAME content the same way. Thats what the BOse system does. It gives one the EVEN sound of playing in a huge venue without the arrays and wide dispersion needed. And that my friend is far more important then a highly reflected dtereo image "just because thats the way we listen to music at home" You can't be serious using home listening as a comparison to playing in an uncontrolled fluid venue......Yet it appears you are.

I don't need to sell you or anyone on the BOse System. However if you look at professional performers who play 5000 seat venues have a look at the sound system. You will see a system that Bose copies for a smaller venue.

The 801's did very well as I remember and the L1 is doing even better. However old habits are hard to break. Have a peek in the mirror and you will have your answer to your historical question. People are never quick to adapt to that which they do not understand believe is better just becasue it always was. Nothing hiders progress more than a stubborn paradigm.

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