I keep reading where the Bose PAS system is so expensive,,,,Actually its a bargain.

Consider this.
A conventional PA needs a couple power amps which can run $1000 right there, now add a couple JBL MR15s and Subs, Bamm another $1500 or more. Now add a digital mixer.....Powered monitor speakers or hotspots, Cabling and stands as well as the proverbial truck needed to transport and time needed to set up and all of a sudden the Bose PAS looks like a hell of a value....Becasue it is,

If you use a Mackie 808 you will still end up at or more than $3000

If you use SRM450s Theres $1500 right there. No subs, no mixer, no stands, no cables.....And those are nice speakers IF you are sitting in their Sweet spot which isn;t nearly 180 degrees and those who are are still getting floor and ceiling reflections mucking up the works becasue they have to be turned up so those not in the sweet spot can hear the reflections bouncing of the walls........
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